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Being a new middle leader

I’ve been a middle leader for four years, 2 as 2nd in Science, and 2 as Lead Practitioner in Science, each in very different settings. I don’t claim to be an expert leader in any way. I can instantly think of lots of ways that i’m probably not that great, but I do think thatContinue reading “Being a new middle leader”

Thinking about behaviour

Recently I saw this on twitter: It got me thinking about different approaches to behaviour management and how my understanding and my approach to behaviour in schools has changed in the past eight years. The effect of good behaviour is obvious. In a calm learning environment, children are able to concentrate on what is beingContinue reading “Thinking about behaviour”

Is my 4 year old a genius?

Recently I was reading to my little boy. He has just started primary school and is getting a good introduction to synthetic phonics and is starting to segment words into their sounds when asked to ‘robot’ them and blending simple words too. He can’t read yet. Despite this, during his bed time story he wasContinue reading “Is my 4 year old a genius?”

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