Thinking about behaviour

Recently I saw this on twitter: It got me thinking about different approaches to behaviour management and how my understanding and my approach to behaviour in schools has changed in the past eight years. The effect of good behaviour is obvious. In a calm learning environment, children are able to concentrate on what is beingContinue reading “Thinking about behaviour”

It’s my way or the highway: It’s time to ditch ‘non-negotiables’

We all know about business terms being dragged into other contexts, expecially schools. Blue sky thinking, buy-in, stakeholders, these are all well established ‘business speak’ terms that are regrettably ubiquitous in schools and while they aren’t too bad, they clearly have their origin in a competitive, corporate area. Other ideas have come into schools fromContinue reading “It’s my way or the highway: It’s time to ditch ‘non-negotiables’”

What I Learned From: – Teach Like Nobody’s Watching by Mark Enser

Mark Enser is a Geography teacher, author, D&D enthusiast and a prolific tweeter. He has also written the book Teach Like Nobody’s Watching (TLNW) which I have recently read. I really enjoyed reading this and I felt that there’s so much good stuff in there I had to take notes. Given that I then hadContinue reading “What I Learned From: – Teach Like Nobody’s Watching by Mark Enser”

Learning to reflect

I trained in 2012/3 by completing a PGCE. I genuinely enjoyed the course and at the time I felt that I was getting a good introduction to the world of teaching and being shown the best way to teach. The work load was challenging of course but, more difficult, was the fact that for meContinue reading “Learning to reflect”


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