Resetting Behaviour

Recently our school had got into a situation where behaviour was not at all where we wanted it. There was general low level disruption in classes, silly and boistrous behaviour in corridors and around school that caused damage and injuries and students were not treating each other kindly or with respect which was leading toContinue reading “Resetting Behaviour”

It’s my way or the highway: It’s time to ditch ‘non-negotiables’

We all know about business terms being dragged into other contexts, expecially schools. Blue sky thinking, buy-in, stakeholders, these are all well established ‘business speak’ terms that are regrettably ubiquitous in schools and while they aren’t too bad, they clearly have their origin in a competitive, corporate area. Other ideas have come into schools fromContinue reading “It’s my way or the highway: It’s time to ditch ‘non-negotiables’”