Resetting Behaviour

Recently our school had got into a situation where behaviour was not at all where we wanted it. There was general low level disruption in classes, silly and boistrous behaviour in corridors and around school that caused damage and injuries and students were not treating each other kindly or with respect which was leading toContinue reading “Resetting Behaviour”

Quick Wins: Metacognition and Modelling

This blog is part of a series designed to give a short, sharp insight into a pedagogy strategy or technique. Originally these blogs were CPD sessions, delivered by myself to teachers in the school where I work. Over the next few weeks I hope to type up some of these ‘Quick Wins’ briefings into 3-5Continue reading “Quick Wins: Metacognition and Modelling”

Quick Wins: What are they and why do them?

Firstly, my apologies that I haven’t updated in a long time. This began as a lockdown project and fell very easily onto a back burner. Over the past few months I’ve struggled to get available time and inspiration to line up, but here is the product of a few weeks of mulling things over. I’mContinue reading “Quick Wins: What are they and why do them?”

Resource: AQA GCSE SoW

I faced a strange problem recently where I knew that my students were listening. Cold call questioning was giving reasonable answers across the room and engagement was pretty strong. The issue came as soon as I wanted the class to write any notes. Even made as brief as possible, there is a lot of contentContinue reading “Resource: AQA GCSE SoW”